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Inspections as an Inspector General function: The IG inspections function is the primary IG function and the one that allows IG's to have the greatest impact on readiness and war-fighting capability throughout the Army. The primary purpose of all IG inspections is to resolve systemic issues throughout the Army and, in doing so, to evaluate the effectiveness of Army policies, determine the root causes of noncompliance, and recommend changes to policy proponents.

Overall, the inspections function entails conducting IG inspections, developing and implementing IG inspection programs, checking intelligence activities for policy compliance, and assisting the commander in maintaining a viable OIP.

Inspection selections process: Inspectors General will use a deliberate process to identify, evaluate, and set priorities for potential inspections of systemic and other issues for approval by the directing authority and inclusion in the IG inspection program within the command’s OIP. 

Inspection types and focus: Inspections may focus on either organizations, functional systems, or both. Inspectors General may conduct three types of inspections:

General - Inspections that focus on organizations or units and are comprehensive in nature. General inspections are compliance oriented and assume that the standards against which the IG measures the organization are correct as written.

Special - Inspections that focus on functional systems (that is, systemic issues). Special IG inspections of systemic issues do not assume that the established standards are correct.

The Follow-up – Inspections that assesses the implementation of solutions recommended by an approved IG inspection and, although listed as the third inspection type, is normally the final step of all IG inspections.